Participate in the First Pride Summit

Register to participate in the #StillWeLead, pride 2021 summit and become a Community Advocate. You will join a coalition of informed, inspired, and committed citizens. The summit will be comprised of four sessions, one each week in the month of January 2021. Each session will focus on key areas impacting our LGBTQ+ community and our responsibility in supporting and fostering an intersectional social justice movement.

As a Community Advocate you pledge: to take action; for the LGBTQ+ community; because we believe in equality and justice for all; to be visible; for those most marginalized, especially Trans women of color; because Black Lives Matter; to end systemic discrimination and violence; for real change; because our voices must be heard; and to become who we are meant to be – confident, supportive, resilient, compassionate, and glorious!

The pride summit is coordinated by the collaboration between the Capital Pride Alliance and The DC Center. Partners include: