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  • 10% Discount for Parade & Festival Registration Ends March 31st. January 23, 2015 Register by March 31st to receive 10% off your Parade and Festival registration for the 40th Celebration of Pride In The Nation’s Capital. Participants are encouraged to register early to guarantee a spot in the Parade and/or Festival.  Each year the Parade and Festival reach capacity and we expect this to occur earlier in 2015 with the excitement around the 40th [...]
  • Perform at a Capital Pride Event in 2015 January 16, 2015 If you are interested in performing at a Capital Pride Event in 2015, please complete our online form with the requested information.  Events include our Heroes Gala, Music In The Night, Opening Party, Parade, Festival, and more. Performance Request Form: www.capitalpride.org/entertainment/perform  
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