Pride 2018 in the Nation’s Capital

The Official Guide to Pride In The Nation’s Capital holds a special place in the hearts of members of the national capital region’s LGBTQ+ community. Each year, The Pride Guide provides in-depth, moving interviews and articles highlighting local and regional residents and organizations. These stories are told through the lens of our struggles and triumphs, in an historical context, and frequently intertwine with national and international events. The Pride Guide will help illustrate that every person’s life is composed of a kaleidoscope of extraordinary parts, including identity, race, sexuality, gender, spirituality, experience, beliefs, goals, and so much more. These “Elements of Us” influence who we are and help sustain and balance us in what can be an otherwise perplexing and difficult world. Who we are also links us to each other and to our exceptional LGBTQ+ community.

The 2018 Pride Guide will also include published letters from the D.C. Mayor, biographies on awards recipients, (including Capital Pride Heroes and Engendered Spirits), and information on our Grand Marshals. The Guide includes helpful information about all the events and programs that represent Pride in the Nation’s Capital, including, DC Black Pride, Capital Trans Pride, DC Latinx Pride, Youth Pride, the Capital Pride Celebration, and more. The Pride Guide will highlight, page by page, the very diverse range of LGBTQ+ supporters, partners, and advocates. It will also showcase significant PRIDE365 events and activities for the LGBTQ+ community in the national capital region throughout the year. The Pride Guide is, as we are told, saved by many as their annual keepsake, as well as for a directory resource referenced throughout the year.