2019 Guide to Pride
In The Nation’s Capital

We would like you to join us in 2019 as we celebrate Pride from the Nation’s Capital to the World. The Guide to Pride 2019 will provide in-depth, moving interviews and articles highlighting local and regional residents and organizations. These stories are told through the lens of our struggles and triumphs, in an historical context, and frequently intertwine with national and international events. It will also provide helpful information about the events, programs and activities that represent Pride in the Nation’s Capital, including, Youth Pride, Silver Pride, DC Black Pride, Capital Trans Pride, DC Latinx Pride, Asian Pacific Islander Pride, and the Capital Pride Celebration.

The Guide to Pride 2019 will also include published letters from the D.C. Mayor, biographies on award recipients, (including Capital Pride Heroes and Engendered Spirits), and information on LGBTQ+ supporters, partners, and advocates. Each page will illustrate that our LGBTQ+ community is composed of a kaleidoscope of extraordinary parts, including identity, race, sexuality, gender, spirituality, experience, beliefs, goals, and so much more.

Many people tell us that they save the Guide as an annual keepsake, as well as use it as a directory resource for reference throughout the year. As we commemorate 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, we strive collectively, through Pride, to continue to create a powerful foundation that will help us advance the cause of human dignity, equal rights, and a world free from discrimination and prejudice. By purchasing an ad in the Guide to Pride 2019 your business or organization will show support for the power of Pride and engage with hundreds of thousands of people who will participate in these landmark events.

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