Jun 06 2021


9:00 pm - 11:00 pm



Queen City Kings Drag presents Flame: Rising From the Ashes of COVID

Don’t feel comfortable with in person events just yet?

Then tune in to Queen City Kings Drag’s Twitch ( on June 6th at 9pm EDT to enjoy a virtual drag show with a diverse cast of drag kings, queens, and in-betweens.

Sixteen performers were selected ,from a pool of submissions stretching the whole globe, to entertain and inspire. Be prepared to laugh, cry, party, and rejoice when drag artists Interrobang the Dragon, Dik Carrier, Lottie Flick, Semicolon, Rye, Fannie Fullenweider, Fox Squire, Black Battie, Mercury Divine, Just JP, Nick D’Cuple, Nitrix Oxide, Perka $exx, Shea Hazard, Camden Summers, and Fly-Guy Shawn hit the virtual stage with Myster E as your host.

Queen City Kings Drag Troupe, based in Buffalo, NY, was founded in 2019 on the philosophy that all drag is art. They seek to create a safe space for performers both new and experienced to express their art and even explore their genders. They say yes to any performer looking to learn and find community, though they primarily serve drag kings. Their reach extends worldwide, and they provide education and resources to LGBTQIA+ members looking to get into the drag world. Drag offers an outlet of expression and exploration for many. Queen City King Drag Troupe are proud of what they have built through giving back via entertainment, volunteering, education, and fundraisers.

This show is about being proud of who you are. One cast member, Mercury Devine (they/them) stated, “Pride is about celebrating who you are. It is mourning our losses and celebrating our victories. We are destroying the places that would keep us down. We are appreciating how far our community has come and preparing for how far we have left to go. It is for safety. It is for joy. It is for us.”

The Queen City Troupe is excited to bring this show to their community. Mark your calendars, and don’t miss out!