Nov 16 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Pride Talks: A Story of Perseverance and Determination with Latasha Clemmons, Author of “Carolina Girl”

The hard truth is family is not always what it seems and can actually bring you down faster than a stranger. Even in a family whose foundations are loving, it’s easy to feel trapped, unwanted, or unable to change your trajectory in life. When Clemmons found herself down and out after a series of family hardships, she never thought she’d one day reach her dream of playing college basketball. Carolina Girl is the tale of success despite circumstances and learning to use mentors and education as a catapult to an enriched life.

In Carolina Girl you’ll hear stories from Author, Latasha Clemmons’ life such as…

  • How she broke free from religious ideologies that shackled and blurred her sense of identity
  • How she struggled to fit in with peers, restore a tarnished reputation, and dribble her way toward athletic and academic stardom
  • How tragic events affected her self-identity and led to devastating effects like being expelled from 7th grade

No matter where or what a person comes from, they can become whoever they want to be through awareness of truth, education, and understanding their past.

Join us virtually on Thurs. 11/16 at 7PM as we hear about her tale of becoming successful, despite circumstances, through mentorship and education.

About the Author
LaTasha Clemmons is an educator and District of Columbia Public School Culture Coordinator at the middle school level. Her passion for helping students is driven by her own childhood experiences; she knows what it feels like to question the meaning of family and struggle with self-identity. LaTasha wants people to know that perseverance and self-love pay off, and she highlights this in her memoir, “Carolina Girl.” She’s relentlessly curious about how positive influences impact child development and strives to be a force for change. When she’s not investing in the next generation you can find LaTasha enjoying time and cooking for family and friends.