Pride Reveal Message from Bernie Delia

The journey for LGBT equality began more than 50 years ago.  But then, inspired by the passion of the 1969 events at the Stonewall Inn, we were propelled forward; we achieved many victories and suffered some setbacks.  Each year since, we have commemorated with marches and events to stand against intolerance directed at the LGBT community.

As we made steady progress towards the goal of equality, our events have taken on a more festive tone.

But, we never forget that these celebrations sprang from those protests, and those protests remain at the heart of who we are as a community.

Now, because the accomplishments for which we have fought so hard and struggled so long may be in peril, LGBT communities across the nation are joining together with each another and with other civil rights communities to take a stand.

And in reality, the members of this community are represented in each and every community that was out on the streets two weeks ago, in the airports last weekend, and somewhere last night.

So, with permission from none and equality for all, the members of the LGBT community make no apologies for who we are. Our strength is in our diversity and in our unified voices.

And remember, no matter who occupies positions in the government, no matter what so-called “religious leaders” may say, no matter what we have to withstand, we are not giving in, we are not giving up, and we are never going back.

Bernie Delia, President of the Board of Directors of the Capital Pride Alliance