#StillWeProtest in Solidarity - Actions Taken

As a follow-up to our statement last week, we want to highlight some actions that CPA has taken regarding MPD and their involvement in Pride celebrations.

In 2018 the decision was made that MPD would not participate as a contingent in the Pride Parade, and has not since. Going forward, CPA will not permit any uniformed and armed police officers to march in the Pride Parade or participate in CPA-sanctioned events.

As required by the city government, MPD has jurisdiction to close and clear the streets. The MPD will continue to manage street closures as outlined in permit requirements.  When needed, CPA will hire private security, as has been done previously.

We are committed to having further talks with our LGBTQ+ partners and other organizations and the city to address the on-going concerns that have been raised by the community. CPA will take additional actions in the coming days and weeks.