J. Clarence Flanders

(He, Him, His) - Chair, Festival

Natalie Thompson

(She, Her, Hers) - Vice President of Records Management, Board of Directors

Jerry Houston

(He, Him, His) - Chair, Entertainment

Ryan Bos

(He, Him, His) - Executive Director

Tiffany Lyn Royster

(She, Her, Hers) - Chair, Capital Pride Parade

Bianca Humady Rey

(She/Her/Hers) - Chair, Capital Trans Pride

Chelsea Bland

(She, Her, Hers) - Chair, Volunteer Program

Vince Micone

(He, Him, His) - Vice President for Internal Operations, Board of Directors

Ashley Smith

(He, Him, His) - President, Board of Directors

Robert York

(He, Him, His) - Vice President of Engagement & Inclusion, Board of Directors