All on a transparent background, the image foreground has colorful text with the words “WORLD PRIDE DC 2025 WASHINGTON DC – CHANGEMAKERS, CANDIDATE CITY.” On top of the text is the Capital Pride Alliance capitol dome logo with the colors of the progressive pride flag. In the background is a globe drawn with grey brush strokes.

Why WorldPride DC

Washington, DC is a connected capital that provides access to thriving industries including technology, biotech/pharma, transportation, sustainability and advocacy. DC is uniquely positioned to provide much needed visibility to the issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. 2025 marks the 50th Anniversary of Pride celebrations in Washington, DC, and we would be thrilled to share this momentous and exciting occasion with the world. Our greatest wish is to inspire our global audience to become changemakers within their own communities, and to help enrich LGBTQ+ lives throughout the world. With our culturally diverse, inclusive, and supportive community, we look forward to making participants from visiting countries feel safe and welcome. We hope to share this special milestone with you all in 2025!

Letter of Intent

Washington, DC may be the capital of the United States, but it is also the hometown to many LGBTQ+ residents who have lived and worked here for decades. In fact, the city has the highest LGBTQ+ population percentage in the United States. It is a big city, but a small town. The National Capital Region has long been a melting pot, as people come here from around the United States and around the globe. This diversity gives us the ability to work on issues and solutions from many perspectives. At Capital Pride we have been fortunate to interact with many different people as we celebrate the progress of our LGBTQ+ community and work to further the accomplishments that we have achieved.

While the media’s focus is often on the national and international events that occur in Washington, the day-to-day work that we undertake on behalf of our community empowers individuals in ways that lead them, in turn, to be changemakers and further inspire others to take action. We look forward to sharing that energy in 2025 — the 50th celebration of Pride in Washington, DC — because transformations happen best when we come together, challenge each other, and propel ourselves and our community forward.

The Capital Pride Alliance (CPA) is strongly committed to the principles of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility. In that regard, we follow the lead of the city in which we reside, which has long been in the forefront on issues that positively impact the LGBTQ+ community and the cause of human rights. Over the past decade, CPA has worked to build bridges and connections through the many segments of our community. In doing so, we have helped raise LGBTQ+ visibility. We want to produce a great celebration that showcases those connections and that visibility and provides ample opportunities to educate and inspire our community to take up the work that lies before us.

We would be thrilled to welcome our friends from around the world if we are fortunate enough to be the host city for World Pride 2025. We are the home to many national and international organizations, and have been the host to national marches for LGBTQ+ rights in 1979, 1987, 1993, and 2000. There is a great deal to explore and we would be excited to share the treasures of our region with all of our friends. We promise to have an unforgettable celebration filled with world-class events that reach throughout our community. CPA has assembled a team with the depth and breadth of experience to be able to produce an outstanding World Pride event that would be a credit to Washington, DC and to InterPride.