Jun 09 2024


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Queer Pride milonga (tango dance party)

Come, dance tango free of the traditional gender roles!

This milonga will feature a performance by Mira Barakat & Elly Fernandez.

About the performers:

Elly Fernandez is a queer tango dancer and teacher raised in the strength and love of the Philadelphia Tango community, studying both roles from the get-go.

She has taught queer tango in Philly, Boston, DC & and the San Francisco Bay Area queer tango communities. She teaches from a lens of agency, choice, community, and belonging, exploring the questions we don’t yet have answers to, knowing that bravery exists in the small, slow steps. Expect an impish look when she supports you turning a dance constraint into a feature, helping make this dance your own unique expression.


Mira Barakat is a tango teacher, performer, and singer based in Oakland, CA. With a dance background in Modern dance, Contact Improv, Swing and Blues dance, Mira took quickly to tango after attending her first milonga in 2006 and felt especially drawn to the connection and embrace. A few years later, she moved to Buenos Aires to study intensively, dance, sing and soak up tango in its birthplace. She returns to Buenos Aires every year where she co-hosts a tango immersion program, BA. Tango Evolution.

A queer artist herself, she works regularly with the queer tango community, teaching frequently for Abrazo Queer Tango in Berkeley, and she has taught and performed at the Berlin, New York, and Miami Queer Tango festivals. She was a member of the all women’s tango company Tango Con*Fusión from 2016-2019 and toured internationally with the company.


1280 4th Street NE, Washington, DC 20002