Feb 20 2021


8:30 pm - 10:30 pm



Queer Dance N8k3d Party featuring Les the DJ and Prncss Peach

While you’re staying home, get down and and meet new people at the best online queer dance n8k3d club ever!

Featuring Les the DJ and Prncss Peach. Hosted by Mx Dream Beautiful.

Quick details: consent rules apply, of course. Phobias are booted! No recording or pics! We have our own video tech app and we will email you right before the event.

N8k3d is natural and oh so fun! N8k3d is liberating!

Let’s create respectful joyous adventure and trust as we move so much of ourselves online. Come as you are. If you want to get n8k3d, super fabulous. Yes! This space is for YOU! If you want to wear costumes, that’s great too. We encourage you to go one step further than you have before. Explore yourself in a safe, loving environment.

Please help create the space in which those of us who love to be n8k3d and free feel supported in doing so. This is a leap of faith for some, and let’s please create trust together.

Enjoy yourself, you hottie hottington! LOVE!

Full consent rules on our website and ticketing page.