Mar 05 2020


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


$25 for panel or tour only $45 for both

LGBTQ Walking Tour and Panel Discussion

Join guide Ella Schiralli from A Tour of Her Own as we discover the history of the gay community from war hero to modern day human rights activists. Engage and explore how Washington, DC has been a pivotal location for the struggle for equal rights. Discover the many women who have contributed to the movement and learn how local places and events shaped an accepting environment leading to the 2015 Marriage Equality landmark Supreme Court decision. ‘Under the Rainbow’ is an enjoyable and educational tour designed for all people of all ages.

After the tour take time to reflect, process and continue the conversation with our panel discussion at Dumbarton House Museum in Georgetown. Panel will consist of Jennifer Porter-Lupu, Channing Joseph, Bryan Schwartz, and Ella Schiralli. Bios on event webpage. Light refreshments will be served.


2715 Q St NW Washington DC 20007