Jun 13 2023


6:00 pm


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Italian Cultural Institute’s Pride Film Screening of “Dicktatorship”

For Pride Month, on June 13, 2023, the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington D.C. invites you to participate in an opportunity for reflection, celebration, and discussion on issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

In the context of “Fare Cinema”, a week dedicated to the Italian movie industry, we invite you to the screening of “Dicktatorship”, a film by Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi, which will be presented by director Luca Ragazzi.

The evening will be an opportunity for a conversation on the battle for LGBTQ+ rights and how this can lead to different interpretations of the World, as we strive to build a society based on inclusion, emancipation, and individual freedom. This is the framework within which Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi create their ironic documentaries on contemporary Italian issues. Among their productions there are “Suddenly last winter” (2008), “Italy Love it or Leave it” (2012), and their most recent movie, “Dickatatorship”.

“Dickatatorship” is the story of Luca and Gustav, two young men who try to understand where certain intrinsic male chauvinist attitudes derive from and what can be done to understand them and overcome them. Starting from an apparently innocent joke, an analysis focused on explaining how sexism can become ingrained in each one of us, is born.

The screening will be followed by a conversation with the director Luca Ragazzi and a Q&A session with the public.

Event Details:

When: June 13, 2023 at 6:00 PM

Where: NYU Washington DC – 1307 L St NW, Washington, DC 20005, USA

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