Oct 28 - 29 2021


10:00 pm - 2:00 am

Halloween Mini BOO Ball

Hey DMV! The Capitol Ballroom Council is back again and bringing you another exciting event to the Washington Metropolitan area, thanks to you and our sponsors!
As we continue to stay safe, but begin to start coming together again in the area, we felt it was time for a little week day fun for ballroom in DC! That being said, join us Thursday, October 28th, 2021 from 10pm – 2am for “Halloween Mini BOO Ball!”
Categories: All categories call for some type of all Black. Shoes and jewelry exempt.
  • Virgin Performance – In all Black w/ a Halloween prop, show you’re on top! (1 Trophy; $100 sponsored by Scar Ebony)
  • Virgin Runway – We want to see your wickedest walk, stamped with your wickedest look! (1 Trophy; $100 sponsored by Scar Ebony)
  • Commentator vs. Commentator – Give us an original chant incorporating the words “Boo,” “Scare,” and “Scream!” (1 Trophy)
  • OTA Best Dressed – Bring it in a drop dead, fashionable ALL black look! (2 Trophies; $100 overall winner)
  • OTA Face – We only want to see beauties, no beast. In ALL black. (2 Trophies; $100 overall winner)
  • Vogue Fem – The judges wanna see you in a SCANDAL at the panel, with a feminine performance that they can’t handle! In a scandalous black look, give them what they want! (2 Trophies; $150)
  • MF Realness – Black is King. Who wears the crown of the DMV? (5 Trophies and $50 each; Overall Winner $250) Sponsored in part by Dr. Kody Wylie
  • FF Realness – Death Becomes Her. Come mourning the loss of all the girls you’ve entered the building to lay to rest! (3 Trophies; $200)
  • OTA Sex Siren – It’s a battle of seduction between the dark angels (Females) and the devils (Males). Who will seduce the judges and lure them into darkness? (2 Trophies; $150)
  • OTA Runway – We want to see your wickedest walk, stamped with a wicked look! (4 Trophies; $300)
  • Realness w/ A Twist – The stick up kids have invaded the building, taking no prisoners and ready to BREAK anyone in their way DOWN! (1 Trophy; $100)
  • FF Performance – The Black Cat. In a cat inspired look, give us P*SSY on the floor! (2 Trophies; $100)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Capitol Ballroom Council! And yes, you read right! Limited open bar 10pm – 11pm!
This is a fundraising event.
See you all there!