Sunday Funday with a Purpose

Sunday, October 21, 2018

3:00pm – 6:00pm

639 Florida Ave NW
Metro: Green/Yellow – Shaw/Howard University

This Sunday, please join colleagues, family, and friends of the Capital Pride Alliance and the Wanda Alston Foundation for an OPEN BAR, music, and networking, sponsored by the team from UPROAR Lounge & Restaurant
2018 marks the 10th Anniversary for both organizations and the continuation of a great, and building partnership. Learn about the important work each organization is doing to support and elevate the LGBTQ+ community, opportunities to volunteer, and other ways to support each organization, including making a donation to the Pride Legacy Fund in support of the Wanda Alston Foundation.
So stop by to enjoy thoughtful conversation, fun music, and stylish dancing, and make a donation, in any amount, to take advantage of the open bar, with members of our LGBTQ+ community.