Aug 25 2020


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm



SMYAL's Dealing with Delays: A Support Group for Trans and Non-Binary Youth Who Have Had Their Gender-Affirming Care Delayed due to COVID-19

Are you a trans and/or non-binary young person who has had your gender-affirming care (surgeries, HRT, etc.) delayed, postponed, or cancelled due to COVID-19? The healthcare crisis caused by COVID-19/coronavirus has caused many trans and non-binary people to have their gender-affirming surgeries delayed, postponed, or cancelled indefinitely as they are deemed “non-essential.” Many trans and non-binary people were planning to get on hormones and are now unable to access them for the foreseeable future because of the current healthcare crisis. We know how difficult these delays can be and how they may exacerbate gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety, and other issues for young people. SMYAL is offering a biweekly support group for trans and non-binary youth ages 13-24 who have had this experience, to provide a safe space to discuss these difficulties and concerns.