Jul 30 2021 - Aug 16 2021


All Day

Renewal 2121 Exhibition at ARTECHOUSE

Inspired by the annual cherry blossom season and utilizing the power of creative technology, Renewal 2121 seeks to inspire hope amid a global pandemic and concerns of climate change.

Transporting us 100 years into the future, it immerses us in an industrial city where nature fights to survive amid an overdeveloped metropolis. This is a future that will arrive if humanity continues unchecked at its current pace.

However, there is a hopeful message to be discovered as blossoms are seen peeking through the plastic, concrete and neon lights, ready to renew the season with the help of those willing to take action.

ARTECHOUSE is offering a $6 discount on tickets purchased through July 31, 2021, Monday through Friday. Enter code: Pride6 on the Admission Pop Up Box after you’ve selected the number of tickets.