Jun 07 2024

TimeWorkshop ends at 8:30, guided practice to follow

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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Queer tango workshop "Embrace, Walk, Connect" w/ Andrés Ozzuna

In this tango class we will explore the fundamentals of the embrace, walking, musicality and connection with your partner. The instruction focuses on teaching the fundamentals of walking and partnering connection. We will develop a walking technique in a close embrace to create your own experience of artistry and self-expression.

Andrés Ozzuna grew up on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, baking alongside his grandmother and dancing and singing tango with his grandfather. When Andrés immigrated to California, he found queer community centered around tango and his identity as a transgender man.

Andrés regularly teaches and DJs at Abrazo Queer Tango in Berkeley, CA, and has been a featured teacher at the Paris International Queer Tango Festival. His teaching focuses on close embrace, milonguero style tango, and prioritizes connection, quality of movement, and community care.


1280 4th Street NE, Washington, DC 20002