Jun 11 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Pride Interfaith Service

The Capital Pride Interfaith Service is an “integrated service” respectfully demonstrating the breadth, depth, and sincerity of our faith, exposing the lie that anti-gay fundamentalists have a monopoly on faith and religion. We take pride that our community expresses its religious faiths in a myriad of ways, each sacred and revered with years of tradition. This event is organized every year by Center Faith, a program of the DC Center for the LGBT Community.

The 36th Anniversary Pride Interfaith Celebration will feature the theme “Looking Back, Looking Forward” and speakers will include founders of the service Joe Pomper; Allan Armus, Charles Keener. We will also be joined by the LOVE Gospel Choir and Interfaith Community Choir.

Featured Speaker Bishop Kwabena “Rainey” Cheeks, DD
Featured Choir Seasons of Love, of the GMC-WDC
Featured Choir Makela, a cappella ensemble
Featured Musician John Kaboff, concert cellist

Welcome and Shalom!
Adas Israel Congregation is excited to host Center Faith’s 36th Pride Interfaith Service. For almost 150 years, Adas Israel Congregation has been a flagship synagogue in American Jewish life, and that tradition of leadership and excellence continues today in an atmosphere of depth, warmth and welcome. This year we have seen horrific attacks against Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Black churches, and other minority religious institutions around the country. In a time of divisiveness, we believe in building bridges. Adas Israel embraces the Center Faith’s theme this year, “Shout Outloud Together!” We declare hope and resolve in times of crisis, and open our doors in love to all people of all faiths, sexual orientations, and gender identities in all communities.

~ Rabbi Aaron Alexander and Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

Center Faith supports a broad spectrum of faith communities comprised of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals who practice their spirituality openly and communities of faith who are LGBT supportive and inclusive.



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