Pride Parade FAQ

Pride Parade FAQ.




Q: How do I register my contingent for the parade?

A: Parade registration is now closed due to capacity limitations.


Q: What do I do if I’ve registered but not paid?

A: If you have not yet paid your registration fee for the parade, you must do so immediately or your registration will be cancelled and you will be required to re-register without the reduced registration fee applicable when you first submitted your information.


Q: What is this year’s theme?

A: The Capital Pride committee has chosen the theme Be True. Be You. Think about incorporating this theme into your parade contingent. Use the theme to celebrate your organization and the entire LGBT community in Washington.


Q: What awards will be given to contingents this year?

A: There will be eight awards given to the different contingents within the parade. Returning awards include Best Theme/Energy, Best Float, Best Marching Contingent, Best Visiting Contingent, and Most Outrageous. NEW awards this year are Best New Contingent, Best Non-Profit Contingent, Best Public Sector Contingent, Best Small Group, and a Judges’ Award. We encourage you to make your section of the parade the most entertaining possible for the thousands of audience members along the parade route. Consider costumes, entertaining routines, and/or props. Of course, think “safety first” when planning, but look at your contingent and also think “what would the audience like to see?”


Q: Where and when does my contingent need to arrive the day of the parade?

A: You will need to attend the parade orientation on June 7 for your arrival time and location.


Q: When does my contingent find out where they will be in the final parade line-up?

A: The final line-up will be released at the Parade Orientation Meeting on Thursday, June 7.


Q: What is the Parade Orientation Meeting? Why should I attend?

A: The Parade Orientation Meeting will take place on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will take place at the Renaissance Hotel near the Washington Convention Center, 999 Ninth Street NW, Washington, DC 20001 (Metro: Gallery Place/Chinatown, Red/Green/Yellow). When you arrive, follow the signs to the meeting room. At this meeting, you will receive your parade credentials, a complete overview of the parade, final line-up information, instructions for check-in, and more. It is very important that at least one member of your contingent be present at this meeting. As a bonus, the Spy Museum will be hosting “Homo Happy Hour,” so please come out and join us!


Q: What are the requirements and limitations of vehicle/float permits, size, and more?

A: All vehicles in the parade are required to have 2011 Capital Pride Parade vehicle permits. Each entry comes with one permit, and additional permits are $50 each. You can pick up your permits at the Parade Orientation Meeting. Any commercial vehicles that normally require a Commercial Drivers License to operate are required to have a CDL operator (we will check!). Float dimensions may not exceed 9’ wide x 53’ long x 14’ high (street to highest point). Trailers must be towed by an accompanying vehicle and have a turning radius of not less than 90 degrees. You


Q: What are the new marshal and rope requirements?

A: In response to contingent feedback in past years, we are implementing new crowd control techniques to help keep the parade moving. This year, every contingent must provide four parade marshals and two strings of rope. Two marshals must march along either side of your contingent during the parade, each side holding rope between them, to help keep the crowd back. You’re encouraged to ask friends, family, or members of your contingent to serve as your contingent’s marshals the day of the parade. Feel free to decorate your marshals and rope to fit the theme of your contingent. A limited supply of rope will be available at the Parade Orientation Meeting.


Q: Are there any limitations for items we can give away during the parade?

A: If your contingent is planning to give away any items along the parade route, they must be tossed out to the crowd. Do not pass out giveaways, as crowds will gather and cause major delays in parade traffic. Spectators are not permitted to approach parade contingents. Your contingent’s marshals should help enforce this – their goal is to keep your contingent safe. Please note that giveaways should not be thrown or whipped at the judges.


Q: How can I keep up-to-date with all relevant parade information for my contingent?

A: If you have registered, you should already be receiving e-mails from a parade liaison. If not, please contact Anthony Barbir at abarbir@capitalpride.org.


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