Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives.

Capital Pride is committed to being green.  Each year we have gotten better and 2013 is no different.  Completed details on new initiatives for 2013 will be available soon.  We ask that all parade contingents, festival exhibitors, and food & beverage vendors do what they can to help events such as the annual Pride Parade and Festival is sustainable.


Past Initiatives

* The Green Village is a new section at the Pride Festival with vendors that have a strong commitment to environmental consciousness as part of their organization’s core mission. This consolidation of green vendors aims to amplify their exposure to Festival attendees and raise public awareness of how to lead greener lives.

* The Pride Green Certified Vendor Program recognizes Festival vendors that work to make their booths just a little greener for the day of the Festival by providing biodegradable utensils, recycled paper products, or other small steps that add up to great leaps in sustainable practices.

* Recycling efforts at the Festival brought in 1,500 and 2,000 gallons of recyclables in 2008 and 2009, respectively. We doubled this amount in 2010, recycling 4,000 gallons, and expect to collect even more water bottles, lemonade cups, soda cans, cardboard, paper, and more at this year’s Festival. In addition, used cooking oil was collected from food vendors in 2009 and 2010 for biofuels production, and more will be collected this year.

* Green T-shirts will be sported by all of Capital Pride’s hundreds of volunteers throughout the full week of events. The T-shirts volunteers will be wearing are 69% recycled cotton fiber.

* The Green Committee is working to expand our efforts beyond the festival, ensuring Capital Pride’s green initiatives have even greater impact.

Together we make Capital Pride one of the greenest pride celebrations in the country. Keep a lookout for recycle bins, the Green Village, and Pride Green Certified Vendors at the Festival. Do your part to help make the Capital Pride Festival a cleaner, more sustainable event. Recycle and show Earth your Pride!


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