Election Day 2016


November 8, 2016 6:00 am


Tuesday, November 8, Election Day 2016, is rapidly approaching. The importance of voting goes beyond party affiliations to the very heart of our democracy. “Every Vote Counts,” isn’t just a slogan. The significance of your vote will be demonstrated by future legislation that may affect the LGBTA community.

Voting is not just a privilege but a part of everyone’s civic responsibility. We at the Capital Pride Alliance ask you to fully participate in the democratic process by exercising your right to vote. To help simplify the registration and voting process for the DMV communities, we have listed below deadline dates, links to instructional videos, and links to the Board of Elections for each jurisdiction. Please register to vote, and PLEASE VOTE WITH PRIDE!

District of Columbia – Registration Deadline is October 8
Election Day Voting Hours: 7am – 8pm
Video: http://bit.ly/2buUvnz
Website: https://www.dcboee.org/faq/voter_reg.asp

Maryland – Registration Deadline is October 18
Election Day Voting Hours: 7am – 8pm
Video: http://bit.ly/2bPtpv3
Website: http://www.elections.state.md.us/voter_registration/

Virginia – Registration Deadline is October 17
Election Day Voting Hours: 6am – 7pm
Video: http://bit.ly/2bHwGcy
Website: http://elections.virginia.gov/registration/how-to-register/