Pride 2018 Celebration Theme Concept Submissions

Each year, Capital Pride Alliance, with community input, chooses a theme for the annual Pride Celebration in the Nation’s Capital.

In 2016, “Make Magic Happen” was selected – a theme that spoke to the power we have as a community to effect change that strengthens the LBGTQ+ movement locally, regionally, and nationally. This theme recognized our desire to be a part of this change as the spark that inspires us to avidly pursue equality at every level, and work to preserve the victories that we have secured.

In 2017, “Unapologetically Proud” was selected – a theme

The protests from which Pride celebrations originated remain at the heart of the annual commemorations. Because the accomplishments for which we have fought so hard and struggled so long may now be in peril, the LGBTQ+ communities across the nation are joining together with one another and with other civil rights communities to proclaim very clearly that the rights we’ve secured are here to stay. We will never turn back.

Throughout the United States, Pride 2017 will included demonstrations and marches in addition to celebrations, and served as a genuine reminder that the very real struggle for equal rights is far from over. The members of the LGBTQ+ community made no apologies for who we are. Our strength is in our diversity and our unified voices. With permission from none and equality for all, we were and continue to be Unapologetically Proud.

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2017: “Unapologetically Proud!”

2016: “Make Magic Happen”

2015: “Flashback”

2014: “Build Our Bright Future”

2013: “Unleash The Superhero In You”